The Cartoon Art Trust Awards, or CAT Awards, is an annual fundraiser for the Cartoon Museum where we give awards to the year's best professional cartoonists, and to the winners of the Young Cartoonists of the Year competition organized by the British Cartoonists' Association. 

This year we celebrated the 21st Edition of the CAT Awards. They were held at The Mall Galleries, London, SW1 on the evening of the 12th of October, 2017. This year the awards were presented by Martin Rowson, Barry Cryer, David Quantick, Lord Baker of Dorking, film director Mike Leigh, and Lord Howard of Lympne.  

Starting with the 2017 British Cartoonists' Association Young Cartoonist of the Year Competition. The event was sponsered by Sir Michael and Lady Hintze and there were over 500 entries received from all over the UK. BCA chairman, Martin Rowson presented certificates and a cheque to:

*The Under 18 Category Winner: Billy Barron, 11, from Twickenham, London.

*The Under 20 Category Winner: Ella Baron, 21, from Wimbledon, London.

For the winners' entries and the runner ups, please click here.

Moving on to the CAT Awards, Oliver Preston, Chairman of the Cartoon Art Trust had this to say, “In 2017 politics has never seemed more uncertain. Brexit, Trump, an unstable government, a nuclear slanging match, and devastating hurricanes and terrorist atrocities committed at home and overseas. But in the opinion columns of British newspapers and journals, cartoonists have excelled in 2017 at interpreting this cacophony of events. Their cartoons really do say more than words can ever express, and we are lucky that the freedom of our press allows our cartoonists to vilify and attack our political elite in a way that would not be possible in other countries, especially the USA. More often than not their cartoons really do say what people are really thinking.” 





*The CAT AWARD for JOKE CARTOONING, sponsored by The Daily Mail was presented to Adam Singleton.

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“Adam Singleton is a wonderful cartoonist with a very distinctive style who contributes to Private Eye, The Oldie and The Spectator and has kept us laughing for many years. It is always a joy to see his work in print and marvel at where he gets his ideas from.”

*The CAT AWARD for STRIP CARTOONING, sponsored by The DAILY TELEGRAPH was presented to Alex Williams.

Alex Williams

“Alex Williams draws QC in the legal pages of the Times, and his very funny strip cartoons have a strong following among legal types (who always like a good cartoon), lifting the lid on what really goes on in chambers.”

*The CAT AWARD for CARICATURE sponsored by THE TIMES, was presented to Ben Jennings.

Jennings 2

“Ben Jennings work appears in The Guardian and the New Statesman, and he is a master of political caricature. Beautifully drawn and coloured, the caricatures not only always have a superb likeness, but also it is his ability to transform his targets – Boris on battle bus roller skates, Kim Jong Un as a mini muscleman or a Trump pistol against Uncle Sam’s head. The artistry is nothing short of brilliant.”


*The CAT AWARD for POLITICAL CARTOONING sponsored by PRIVATE EYE was presented to Bob Moran.

Bob Moran

“Bob Moran of the Daily Telegraph draws political cartoons that are invariably on the button, and very funny. He has a distinctive style and quirky sense of humour and he has handled the big political stories of 2017 with sharp political observation and wonderful humour.”


*The PONT CUP for drawing the BRITISH CHARACTER was presented to veteran joke cartoonist Sally Artz.

Sally Artz Cartoons Punch Magazine 1982 22 460

“Pont drew a series of cartoons for PUNCH magazine in the 1930s entitled The British Character . This award – a cup – has been presented to cartoonists who have excelled at drawing the British Character. In 1955, at the age of nineteen, Artz sold her first cartoon to the Weekend Mail and since then she has been a prolific contributor to Punch Magazine, The Spectator and Private Eye. With great social observation, her cartoons are a wonderful record of how the British character has moved with the times.”


*The CAT LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT AWARD was presented to Peter Brookes CBE.

Brookes 2

“This year’s winner of CAT’s Lifetime Achievement Award is Peter Brookes CBE, political cartoonist for the Times, and a genius who has been at the forefront of British political cartooning for 25 years. Brilliantly crafted, and beautifully drawn, his cartoons are admired (and collected) by colleagues and fellow cartoonists. He is truly a master of the art form.”

Photos from the CAT AWARDS to come!