Cartoon Impolitic: Discussing inclusivity in newspaper cartooning

Cartoon Impolitic

Monday 27 August, 6.30 – 7.30pm

Tickets: £7.50, £6 concessions & £5 Friends 


Cartoonists Lorna Miller, Bob Moran and Martin Rowson discuss the political cartooning arena including the challenges of making it as a visual satirist and the (lack of) inclusivity in newspaper cartooning. Will the situation improve? How does the diminishing consumption of print media affect the issue? Join us for the discussion and have your say.

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She Lives: a guided readthrough with Woodrow Phoenix

she lives turn

Saturday 30 June 2018, 1.30-2.30pm

Free but booking is essential
As a prelim to the My Visual Voice event, Woodrow Phoenix will present a pageturning of his giant graphic novel She Lives, which he created as a response to the challenges of dealing with wordless narratives.
This one-metre-square, hand-bound book featuring 88 pages of original art is a unique storytelling experiment that will never be reproduced. It can only be experienced when exhibited. Previously shown at venues including the British Library in 2014 and an extended display at the Cartoon Museum through 2016, She Lives returns for a special showing on Saturday afternoon between 1.30 and 2.30pm.
Woodrow Phoenix  t: @mrphoenix  | 
Please note a maximum of fifteen people can view the book during the pageturning. 
There are two pageturning opportunities:
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To book for 2.15pm, click here.




Sustaining comics: what the future holds

sustaining comics

Saturday 28 July 2018, 2 – 5.30pm

Free but booking is essential

Join a host of comics professionals to explore the challenges of working in comics, the opportunities out there, and what the future might hold. Over the course of the afternoon, visitors can join discussions, talks and workshops led by key industry voices including Rachael Ball (Laydeez do Comics; Wolf Man), Hannah Berry (LIVESTOCK; Vox Pop), Karrie Fransman (The House that Groaned; Over, Under, Sidways, Down), Sha Nazir (BHP Comics; Laptop Guy), Andy Oliver (Broken Frontier) and Corinne Pearlman (Myriad Editions)

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This event is part of the Comic Creators project and supported by the Heritage Lottery Fund.

My visual voice: finding new approaches to storytelling


Saturday 30 June 2018, 3-5pm

Free but booking is essential

Comics artist and writer Woodrow Phoenix (Rumble Strip, She Lives), writer and illustrator Pam Smy (Thornhill) and cartoonist and writer Andi Watson (Breakfast After Noon; Slow News Day) join Cartoon Museum Director Becky Jefcoate to discuss new approaches to storytelling and finding your own voice as an artist.

Woodrow Phoenix  t: @mrphoenix  |
Pam Smy  t: @pam_smy  |
Andi Watson  t: @andicomics  |


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This event is part of the Comic Creators project and supported by the Heritage Lottery Fund.

Please note, if you are visiting to see the current exhibition as well, a normal entry charge will apply.