The Museum Collection includes fine examples of the 'golden age of caricature' including drawings and engravings by James Gillray, watercolours by Thomas Rowlandson, prints and material by George Cruikshank and other major artists of the Georgian age.

From the 19th and 20th centuries there are caricatures, political and joke cartoons by numberous artists including William Heath Robinson, H.M. Bateman, Max Beerbohm, Kenneth Bird (Fougasse), Mel Calman, Chester Gould, Roland Emett, Carl Giles, David Low, 'Pont' (Graham Laidler), Ronald Searle, R.S. Sherrifs, John Tenniel, Norman Thelwell and 'Vicky' (Victor Weisz).

Contemporary cartoonists and comic artists represented in the collection include, among many others, Alison Bechdel, Steve Bell, Dave Brown, Peter Brookes, Graham Dury, Charles Griffin, Hunt Emerson, Michael Heath, John Jensen, Martin Rowson, Garry Trudeau, Gerald Scarfe, Posy Simmonds, Ralph Steadman, Bryan Talbot, Simon Thorp, 'TROG' (Wally Fawkes) and Mike Williams.

The Heneage Library contains over 6,000 books on cartoons and comics, 6,000 comics from the 1890s to the present day. The Library is usually available on Wednesdays only, but an appointment is essential.

The Museum Collection is available by appointment only. Please contact the museum to arrange a time to visit:

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