British cartoon & comic art from the 18th century to the present day

Never Again: 14 - 18 Then and Now

Neveragain copy

5 August 18.30-19.30
Exhibition Co-curator Anita O’Brien looks at the changing perceptions of World War 1 in the work of cartoon and comic artists in 1914-18 and since.
Through looking at artworks and postcards produced during the dark period of WW1 and through the new commissions produced for the 1914 Day by Day Cartoons project, Anita will illustrate how parts of the story are represented very differently.
This talk will include cartoon and comic artwork and postcards that are not on display in the Never Again exhibition, and will include a chance for visitors to see the new commissions produced by artists Steve Bell (Guardian), Peter Brookes (The Times), Steven Camley (Glasgow Herald), Kate Charlesworth (The Cartoon History of Time), Achim Greser & Heribert Lenz (Frankfurter Allegemeine), John McCrea & Ferg Handley (Marvel/Lucas film & Marvel/Commando), Jon McNaught (Dockwood), Woodrow Phoenix (Rumble Strip), Zoom Rockman (The Zoom!), Posy Simmonds (Tamara Drew), Ralph Steadman (New Statesman) and Lalit Kumar Sharma & Alan Cowsill (The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde, Marvel).
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The War on a Postcard



20 August 18.30-19.30
Roger Mayhew will guide you through an illustrated overview of the ways in which postcard cartoonist portrayed key issues as World War One progressed.
Roger has been collecting postcards for over 30 years, and his collection tells the story of recruitment, the pressures on men to volunteer, army life, trench warfare, the use of Zeppelins, the war at sea, the impact of war on the home front, censorship, attitudes to the wounded and the changing role of women. These postcards also add an interesting insight into how key figures, particularly the Kaiser, were represented and re-represented.
Join Roger for a unique chance to see this collection and to step into a period of time that marked the beginning of modernity.
Roger Mayhew is a retired University Staff Development Consultant (University College London & King’s College London). His interest in World War One came from first speaking with his grandfathers – both of whom were wounded by the war – and also from an interest in early 20th century European politics. One day, over 30 years ago, he came across his first wartime postcard, and has since been hooked. He now has 770.
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Against War - Conscientious Objectors in World War 1

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10 September 18.30
Ben Copsey, Project Officer of the HLF funded ‘Objecting to War’ project, will be here to discuss the experiences of the Conscientious Objectors during World War 1 and how they were depicted in the cartoon artform.
Over 16,000 men registered their commitment to Peace after the introduction of conscription in 1916. Many were imprisoned for their beliefs, subject to threats of execution and torture. Over 100 would die as a result of their objection. After the war they were often shunned and their experiences untold, but their contribution to the causes of human rights and prison reform as well as their tireless campaign for peaceful solutions to world problems ensures they are an important part of 20th century history.
The ‘Objecting to War’ project focuses on unearthing the lives and stories of these Conscientious Objectors who came from all walks of life and all areas of London. Each individual had their own reasons and motivations for refusing conscription and this project seeks to discover what these were and what their lives were like during and after the war.
Ben Copsey’s talk will give fascinating accounts of those lives that until now have been hidden from our history books, and how cartoons at the time told and mistold their stories.
Adults £6; Concessions £5; Friends of the Museum £4
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The Man Who Won the War - The life and works of Capt Bruce Bairnsfather

Better Ole

25 September 6.30 - 7.30
Major Tonie and Valmai Holt are the leading experts on Capt. Bruce Bairnsfather, and will be here to discuss and explore the life and work of an artist whose talents spanned cartooning, writing, and even film making.
Bruce Bairnsfather’s cartoons are some of the most famous images of the First World War. His principal character – a phlegmatic, moustachio-ed soldier known as ‘Old Bill’, was immortalized in the unforgettable ‘The Better ‘Ole’ artwork, and reproduced on pottery, postcards, playing cards, and in books, plays, films in the UK and world-wide. And his work continues to inform and inspire cartoonists and comic artists working today.
The Holts became fascinated by the man while researching the First World War, and by talking with people – soldiers, civilians, mothers, wives – who remembered with clarity and emphasis how much Old Bill had meant to them, and how he was able to keep their spirits up during wartime. And it was for this incredible ability to boost morale through the medium of cartooning that he has been called ‘The Man Who Won the War’.
£6 adult, £5 concession, £4 Friend
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