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FREE Event for adults: Drawing Breath

A unique, interactive talk and workshop exploring the relationships between breathing and creativity, meditation and drawing, and relaxation and wellbeing with award-winning author/illustrator Tom Granger.

Through a series of super-simple creative exercises, Tom will take you on a journey through your imagination - exploring how your mind and body interact and how you can can use this connection creatively to enhance your wellbeing. You will learn some simple breathing techniques to help you live a more balanced and peaceful life before delving into how drawing itself is an idea tool for learning about meditation and how subtle shifts in your perspective affect your actual experience of the world!

You don’t need to be good at drawing or have any experience with meditation to enjoy this event. In fact, you may get even more out of it if you are a complete beginner!

This fun event features exercises from Tom’s critically-acclaimed book ‘Draw Breath: The art of Breathing’, although no prior knowledge of the book is needed.

All required materials will be freely provided at the event. Here’s what attendees said after the sister event in Manchester:

‘Truly inspirational, who knew there was so much to know about breathing’
’A lovely evening. Funny, interesting and very, very informative.’

What a great time we all had, Tom made us laugh while learning!’