Learn at the cartoon museum

The Museum’s Learning Programme provides a range of stimulating workshops that encourage young people to explore their creativity and be inspired by the wide variety of cartoons and comic pages in the Museum’s collection. Workshops can be tailored to suit all ages and levels of ability, and are taught by professional artists and writers with years of teaching experience.

If a trip to the Cartoon Museum is not possible or practical, many of our workshops are available as outreach sessions to schools in London zones 1-9.

The brand-new Cartoon Museum has two large galleries and numerous displays exhibiting original artwork from British comics, graphic novels, newspapers and magazines from the 18th century to the present day. All schools will get an opportunity to see the exhibitions, and a learning trail booklet can be included as part of the session. Our purpose built new Clore Learning Studio can comfortably accommodate up to 30 pupils and we will be adding to the variety of sessions on offer later in 2019.


Create a Comic Strip

Students design their own character, practice drawing from different viewpoints, and learn how to use a simple narrative structure to produce a one-page comic strip story.

This session is suitable for all abilities, but is especially useful for groups that find literacy challenging.

It can also be used to reflect topics being studied in other school work.



Perennially popular, this session shows pupils how to create their own costumed adventurers, design a dastardly villain and draw them both in action.

Characters can also reflect topics such as ecology, road safety, health, etc.



An experienced caricaturist shows your group how to create their own cartoon self-portraits. By prior arrangement, the group can also learn how to draw caricatures of celebrities, politicians and other famous people.

At the end of this session, one lucky student can win a cartoon portraits by the tutor in a quick competition!


World War 1 / World War 2 in Cartoons

Students examine some of the different types of cartoons produced during WWI or WWII. They will then draw their own cartoons or caricatures reflecting these troubled times in our history.



In a series of short exercises, students will practice some of the different drawing styles and visual storytelling skills emlpoyed by manga artists, and then produce their own page of manga.

This session can also serve as an introduction to manga (Japanese comics) for the uninitiated.



A claymation specialist shows students how to use modelling clay to create characters and settings. They will then produce their own stop-motion animated film.

15 students max


Cut-out Animation

A professional animator teaches students how to draw cut-out characters and use collage to create their own short animated film.

15 students max


Ages 4-6

For the very young, for whom simply holding a pencil correctly might be a bit of a challenge, we offer this fun workshop where they draw a silly superhero right onto a pre-printed comic cover. They can then add numbers and their name, and have fun colouring in.

“All the children enjoyed it and we saw an improvement in their drawing”. Hawley Primary School, Camden


Book a workshop

Workshops must be booked in advance and are available 11am - 4pm Tuesday - Saturday during term time.

Our classroom can comfortably seat up to 30 students (15 for animation sessions).

We can accommodate larger groups (except for animation) by arrangement.


  • 2-hour workshops (drawing) £100

  • 4-hour workshops (animation) £230

To book, email the Cartoon Museum’s Learning Team: learning@cartoonmuseum.org or call 020 7631 0793



Nearest tube? We are 8 minutes’ walk from Oxford Circus

We’ve booked a workshop for 11am - what time should we arrive? The museum opens at 10.30am, so schools should aim to arrive at around 10.50am

Can we have lunch at the museum after our session? The only space available is the classroom, which you are welcome to use as long as you leave the space clean and tidy. The 4-hour animation workshop includes 30 minutes for a lunch break.

How soon after an animation workshop can we see the finished film on Youtube? The tutor will need to work for several hours editing the material and add a soundtrack. As a general rule, films can be viewed 7-10 days later on our channel.